About Us


“We love Bread so we make Bread”

Hand-crafted artisan breads have always been our passion. When we realized that friends and visitors craved for the tantalizing tastes engineered in the oven, our love for organic and healthy products led to ‘Light Green Oven.’ We believe in the simple fact that if we care for our earth, the earth will ensure we remain happy. For this reason, use green cleaning products and organic flours produced locally when ever possible, Natural Kraft paper for packaging and compost all our food waste.

We proudly source our quality ingredients the same way we buy groceries for our families – using only natural ingredients with no artificial additives. We support local products and do not add ingredients that do not sound like food. We’re proud of the fact that our bread is preservative free.We believe in baking the old-fashioned way – by hand. Bread must be enjoyed within hours of being freshly baked!

We value your health and will never use materials which we ourselves cannot ingest.We love baking for you as much as you enjoy eating what we bake.

We cherish this bond!

“We love Bread so we make Bread”

About the Baker

Apart from experimenting with different concoctions, Shipra Chenji takes great pride in ensuring that people are allowed the option of eating both healthy and delicious. Her mantra for clean, green living includes baking all her loaves by hand, buying locally when possible and composting all her food waste. This compost is then used in her own garden, to grow ingredients that eventually reach you through her creations. While her connection with food led her to the kitchens of Masterchef India in 2016, she yearns to help you kickstart a sustainable consumption journey peppered with gastronomic baking delights.

Shipra is a graduate in food and nutrition. She started her journey as a home baker. She is also a yoga teacher and is an owner of the studio called “Bread and Breadth Work” which conducts workshops on cooking, baking and yoga. In this space, she unites yoga with food.