Health First

Our breads, brownies, cakes, cookies and dips are not only delicious, but are made with quality ingredients that come with high nutritional benefits. There are no preservatives or additives which don’t sound like food.
We don’t add preservatives.

Locally Sourced

We aim to ensure that most of our raw materials are produced organically through relationships with local farmers and businesses. Tastes vary according to culture, age, trends, seasons, food availability and personalty. Please do call us if you have any specific needs.

Traditionally Prepared

The tantalizing aroma of handcrafted loaves rising slowly in the backyard oven; we absolutely adore it and know you will too! Every order is made fresh on the same day.
Please place your orders 24 hrs in advance.


Little About Us

The History Of us

“We love Bread so we make Bread”

Hand-crafted artisan breads have always been our passion. When we realized that friends and visitors craved for the tantalizing tastes engineered in the oven, our love for organic and healthy products led to ‘Light Green Oven.’

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Basics of Bread Care

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