Learn Why we’re different

Modesty be damned. At LGO, we love baking so much that we find it perfectly excusable to shower a few words of flattery upon our favorite creations. After all, our handcrafted creations only reach your taste buds when we’re confident that we can send you into a culinary euphoria.

But you know what? Blowing our trumpets isn’t our foremost talent. We take great pleasure in inviting you (yes, YOU, dear reader) to enter the warmth of our kitchen. For once you sink your teeth into the wholesome richness of our loaves, the gooey goodness of our brownies or the lip smacking piquancy of our dips, we are confident you will not begrudge us this moment of pride.

Food is the center of what we do, but our passion is driven by the connection we feel with the biosphere. In a rapidly changing world, we are of the opinion that our choices and practices must reflect the zeal we share towards conservationism, sustainability and carbon footprint management. That is why LGO strives to source ingredients locally, remain wholesomely nourishing, and eliminate waste through recycling. Come share in this journey with us, for we are not simply a bakery, but an eco-conscious lifestyle campaign.