Basics of Bread Care

As ardent fans of nutrition-laden loaves would know, production line breads are laden with a range of preservatives and artificial flavoring agents. At Light Green Oven, we wouldn’t dream of including any such substances in our beloved breads. For this reason, it is important to learn to care for your breads accordingly in order to maximize your culinary exploits. We’ve compiled a few recommendations below on how to best enjoy your bread.

1. Fresh bread is our guarantee. When you receive a loaf of bread from our bakery, it is with the assurance that it has been baked less than twenty-four hours ago. In the summer months, certain ingredients will spoil a lot faster if not packed properly. Bread wrapped in butter paper and then stored in an airtight container is the easiest way to ensure moisture retention and freshness.

2. The optimal time period to consume your loaf is 2-3 days, if you do not want to store it. If you are a slow eater, it might be better to wrap your loaf in clingfilm and freeze it. Our bread is usually a little dense, and a tad crumblier than the supermarket varieties. We refrain from slicing it up unless requested, as this leads to faster moisture loss. Please use a sharp bread-cutting knife in case you prefer to slice it yourself.

3. Our bread tastes best when hot and buttered. Slices of bread warmed on a pan with a small dollop of butter, will help you get rid of those hunger pangs immediately. For more variety during breakfast or teatime, add a measure of fresh fruit preserves. As an accompaniment to soups or salads, take a look at the dips and spreads we’ve included on our menu. Mix and match to find what suits you best. Bon appetit!